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In 1952 during the height of the Korean war a huge display of martial patriotism was held. Major Nam Tae Hi stole the show when he broke 13 roof tiles with a reverse punch. Following that demonstration, President Syngman Rhee instructed General Choi Hong Hi to introduce the martial arts to the Korean army.

History of TKD

Taekwondo is an amalgamation of Korean unarmed combat styles that were developed within three rival Korean kingdoms. These skills were taught to the special warrior corps that was known as Hwarang. The Hwarang were those men who had the potential to become competent warriors. These potential future warriors were also taught philosophy, history and ethics. Their training included  intensive weapon practice including both swordsmanship and archery. They learned to fight on both foot and horseback. They also studied military tactics and unarmed combat. Unarmed combat was known as subak. Subak varied according to where it was originally taught. Some types of subak were concerned with kicking, as in the Goguryeo Kingdom,or with hand techniques as in the Kingdom of Silla. These were then amalgamated into one type of unarmed combat.

The rich militaristic warrior Kingdoms that comprised Korea slowly fade into obscurity and along with them their fighting arts. The only ones that survived were some formal practises based on Subak such as Taekkyeon which was reserved solely for teaching to the military.

People however 'played' a version of Taekkyeon  as a 'kicking game' must be understood in its historical context.  In a Taekkyeon 'game' low kicks to the knees, headbutts and stamping on your opponent was seen as perfectly acceptable. It attracted much gambling in the same way as bare - knuckle fighting in the West during the same period.

History ofTaekwondo

By the end of the Korean War, Nine schools of martial arts had emerged, and South Korean President Syngman Rhee ordered that the various schools unify under a single system. A governmental body Selected a naming committee's  submission of" tae-kwon-do".

General Choi also known to be the author of the first English taekwondo syllabus book, entitled " Taekwon-do" published by Daeha Publication Company in 1965.

General Choi later founded the ITF on March 22nd 1966 in Seoul, South Korea.

General Choi


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