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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art of hand and foot fighting. The three white Korean symbols above mean: Tae is to kick or smash with the foot, Kwon is fist or to punch and Do means art or way.

Taekwondo is a dynamic martial art that uses both fast hand and kicking techniques to overcome an adversary.

It is the most popular martial art being taught in the world today.

It is the national sport of South Korea.  WTF Taekwondo is a recognised  Olympic event.

Taekwondo training involves fast dynamic kicking combined with a system of blocks, punches and open handed blows. It also can involve various  takedowns, joint locks and sweeps in its self defence aspects.

Gradings taken within the WTF are internationally recognised as the dan certificates are issued from ' Kukkiwon'  headquarters in South Korea.

Taekwondo is NOT  Karate. Karate is a Japanese system of Martial arts. Taekwondo originated in  Korea and was actually banned by the Japanese during the occupation of Korea in the second World War.

Features  of  TKD  (Taekwondo)

TKD is known for its emphasis on kicking. This is because a kick is the most powerful and longest range weapon available.

TKD is not just kicks however. Sport TKD emphasises the kicking aspects of the martial art in order to differentiate it from other sports such as boxing  (In a pure sporting context) a puncher has the advantage over a kicker and a wrestler over a puncher). This is why sport TKD does not allow head punching or grappling moves. They are seperate sports.

The full TKD Syllabus includes many more techniques than pure kicking. A Taekwondo student typically wears a uniform (dobok), often white but sometimes black or other colours, with a belt (tti) tied around the waist. The belt indicates the student's rank. The school or place were instruction is given is called the dojang.


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